Pregnant and Opinionated.

Here are a number of reasons why I sense that people think I’m insane in my / our choices for this pregnancy.

1) We live about a 5-7min drive to the hospital, so I have decided that I want to walk to the hospital when in labour to help speed up the process as labour can stall in the car. Going to stay at home for as long as possible. However also not keen to have her on the footpath in Tweed Heads… so just like in a marathon will have car backup support following with water and snacks!

2) I am excited to be in labour and having contractions. Weird right? I’m someone who can’t wait to experience it all, and it especially means that in a few hours we will get to meet her and kiss her little head. I’m not nervous or scared… just THRILLED for it to happen.

3) We are saying no to Hepatitis B & Vitamin K shots at birth, plus no to eye drops. Also saying no to Group Strep B shot for me if I test positive. After hours of research on each, I believe that in her first 8 weeks if it’s not broke then don’t try to fix it… We will start immunisation after 8 weeks for everything else, and let her body do it’s thing and look after itself like how it is supposed to.

4) Without sounding like Tom Cruise, I am pretty set on not screaming or pushing during birthing… all natural! Also dead set keen and focused on a 10 hour or less labour. All very possible with Hypnobirthing!

5) We are going to keep a baby blanket in bed with Cory and I, so in the first few weeks when others will be having a cuddle of her, we will wrap her in the baby blanket from our bed so she doesn’t get too mixed signals from other people’s scents. Bonding in the first few weeks are so vital so we don’t want to mess it up. We will love a calm and happy baby!

6) In the first 8 weeks we will be staying home, and getting her completely comfortable with just us, our home and our routine. No trips to 20 different friends houses, shopping centres or anything with masses of people & smells. We believe that once she is calm and settled with us, then it will be easier to introduce all those other new and wonderful things! Like I mentioned in the last point BONDING with her is the most important thing in the first few weeks for us, as we think that it will mean a more relaxed and settled child.

I am now 34 weeks and are counting down the days… of course nothing ever goes as planned! And I am also ready for that, all these points are just the best case scenario for us and our bubba.

Crazy right? Knew you would think so.

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